The Process

No matter who builds your website, these are the steps you must take:

  1. Determine what benefits you expect from your website.

    • Internet visibility, phone, fax, eMail, contact form
    • Online automated business applications
    • Sell your products online
    • Online products/services/menus
    • Save printing costs (offer electronic brochures)
    • Save postage and packaging costs
    • Increase sales response times
    • Increase staff productivity by reducing routine phone queries
    • Increase sales prospects even when your office is closed
  2. Choose a unique name for your website and have it registered. We provide this service for free.
  3. Translate your business requirements into a website specification and get it published to the World Wide Web, where everyone can access it.
  4. Determine how you will maintain and update your website. Do you have regularly changing prices, products, menu items, clearance sales, etc.?
  5. Contact one of our website experts today who will help you determine your website objectives and translate your business needs into a website specification.